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We Want to Help You Grow
Closer to God

Connect Groups are the best way to get to know people at New Life while growing in your faith - they truly make New Life feel like home. We offer a variety of groups that cater to any age or stage in life!

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality
Phil + Annette Hertzler
Sundays 9:30 AM | New Life Church | Room 101

Steps to learn emotional health. "One cannot be spiritually mature unless one is emotionally healthy."

Reading Through The Bible
Howard Arthur
Sundays 9:30 AM | New Life Church | Conference Room

We are exploring the Bible and how we can apply it's principles to our daily lives. Come join us for prayer and fellowship as we grow in Christ together.

A-Team Connect Group: Good Connections
Kat + Allen Green
Sundays 9:30 AM | New Life Church | Youth Building

Join our youth as we uncover the major stories in scripture and apply them to everyday living.

Fresh Start
Chris Phillips
Sunday 9:30 PM | New Believers Room

Learn about the foundations of biblical teaching and strengthen your foundations in Christ.

Understanding the Prophetic
Shere Shoener
Sundays 9:30 AM | New Life Church | The Living RM

Basic introduction to the gift of prophecy and how it fits into our life today. 

Gals At Uptown
Frankie Todt 
Monday 7:00 PM | Uptown

Gifted And loving sisters coming together to lift, support and praise one another while strengthening our relationship with God.

The Tribe
Savannah Huddleston 
Monday 7:00 PM | 1830 Lakeview Lane Farmville, VA

The struggle is real ladies!! We are coming together to get real and get free in areas of life that have held us back. Come out & bring a friend, it’s going to be awesome!

Man to Man
Alex Gullett 
Monday | 7:00 PM | Youth Building

Join us as we discover God’s purpose for our lives.

Women's Wednesday Night 
Jenny McIntosh
Wednesday | 7:00 PM | Room 101

Come join us as we discover freedom in Christ.

Bond of Brothers 
Akeem Howell 
Wednesday | 7:00 PM | Men's Den

Join us as we learn what it means to be brothers that find freedom together. 

Pastor Mark Bartow
Wednesday | 7:00PM

Join us as we dive deep into God's word and learn what it means to really experience Godly fellowship! This is a group for all ages!

Creative Crafting 
Amy Helton
Thursdays | 6:00 PM | Art Room

We will be creating and crafting while also getting to know one another and God!

New Life Moms
Teresa Smoker
Thursday| 6:30PM

Calling moms back to the ministry of motherhood.

Walk and Talk Aerobics
Debbie Jamerson
Fridays  | 7:00 PM | Kids Zone

Join us as we spend time in fellowship and fitness while diving deeper in the Lord! Walk and Talk Aerobics is fun and open to all women both young and old. Let's take our health back both physically and spiritually!! 

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