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1. Prayer and Worship is our lifestyle.

• It's about our relationship with God.


2. Relationships are our priority.

• Christ-centered community is foundational.


3. Encouragement is our language.

• We always build others up.


4. Faith is our response.

• We choose to believe the best.


5. The Holy Spirit is our empowerment.

• God is our strength in everything we do.


6. Growth is our ongoing goal.

• We want to continue becoming more like Jesus.


7. Unity is our heart.

• Diversity is celebrated.


8. Scripture is our Guideline.

• The Word is our foundation.


9. Serving is our Privilege.

• It's about using our Gifts & Talents to make a difference.


10. Discipleship is our Mandate.

• All people are valuable and need God.


11.Generosity is our way of Expressing Gratitude.

  • We give God our First & Best.


12.Love is our Standard by which all things are measured.

  • How am I reflecting the love of Jesus Christ?


13.Excellence is our Practice. 

  • We continue to seek ways to Improve & be our best.

Family Values

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