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Christopher Alam

# of Churches planted in this area

23 Churches

Did you know that the number 1 way to reach a community for Jesus Christ is to plant a church? 

About This Plant

Dynamis World Ministries was founded in Sweden in 1985 by Christopher and Britta Alam. The ministry headquarters was moved to the US in 1993, but offices/mission bases are still maintained in Sweden, Zimbabwe, and Asia.

Christopher Alam was born into a family in the Middle East. He received Christ in 1975 and started preaching the Gospel soon after. After enduring much persecution for the Gospel, which included a year in prison and time in a mental institution, Christopher Alam was threatened with execution and escaped to Sweden where he was granted political asylum. It was there that Christopher and Britta met and were married.

Christopher has preached the Gospel in over 75 nations and has seen over 1500 churches started as a fruit of his ministry in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. Dynamis World Ministries holds large open-air Gospel crusades with approximately one million people coming to Jesus every year. The ministry also holds Schools of Ministry and Leadership for pastors in Africa and Asia.

Dynamis World Ministries has offices and bases in the US, Sweden, Zimbabwe, and in Asia. It has full-time crusade teams at its bases in Zimbabwe and Asia. In addition to this, the ministry also runs an orphanage in Zimbabwe and church-planting Bible schools in Zimbabwe and Asia.

We've partnered with Christopher to empower 26 pastors in India to plant churches!

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